100 Estonian Brands

I've made my little homepage of Estonian national brands simply because there wasn't one. The idea is to show to the World who we are & what we can do the best. This is Estonia in the nutshell and it is easy to share :)

We, Estonians with just about 1M native speakers worldwide is a small folk to keep alive. Thank heavens, somehow we have managed that so far! Despite many invasions, estonian language, culture and craftsmanship are still making good vibes around the Globe. Let me just name a few of them: Skype, Minox and Paiste which are all Estonian made inventions and brands. Well of course new inventions and brands tend to leave our country as our market is very small. Usually big companies pick them up as soon as they are ready to fly' and that's how we contribute to the World :)

100 Estonian Brands' is the collection of Estonian made company, state and personal brands from the past and today. Some of them who listed here are still startups with a big dream. So, yes my collection is a little different and not just about money but the essence of our country and its people, their creativity and craftsmanship through all times.

The first version of my page was released in March 2016 and was originally called "Top 100 Estonian Brands" which I changed for "100 Estonian Brands" later , to be more considerate to all of us.

Please let me know if you know someone who could be listed here or if you would like to become my partner. Many Thanx !

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Leo Siemann

inventor & webmaster


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