FrostFX is an animation and visual effects company with office in Europe, Estonia. The company is known for its exceptional experience in fluid simulation used in various fluid effects like water and fire. The company works mainly with feature films and commercials, and offers VFX, 3D animated features and post-production services.

A strong diversity of skills has given FrostFX the opportunity to take on numerous roles in filmmaking, including concept illustrations & designs, pre-visual animation & cinematography, art direction and character animation. Currently the company is also developing virtual reality projects, building holograms and researching other innovative opportunities for visual expression.

Main work as an independent studio has been featured by several international film festivals. Beyond film, FrostFX has earned various nominations and awards for many commercials. FrostFX continues to pride themselves on working with talented team and directors whose unique stories drive the medium of film to its limits.

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Frost FX

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