Company was originally founded by Tallinn University of Technology graduate Hardi Meybaum and his friend Indrek Narusk back in 2010. Somehow 2 men departed and Hardi continued to work on his vision to make the 2D and 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools for engineers worldwide. The strategy of his mastermind was simple: through collaboration of engineers save valuable time and work having a common library of CAD files in cloud which could be reviewed and better designed by others, enabling faster and cooler results. GrabCAD got soon attractive for many engineering companies who saw the potential to fasten up their production. Hardi moved to Silicon Valley and from there to Boston (US) where he was able to connect to many high level engineers and investors. On his way he met and became good friends with founder & CEO of MakerBot whos advise was crucial to meet up with right people from worlds  biggest  3D  printing company Stratasys. Hardi sealed a cool $100M deal with Stratasys after 6 months negotiations in September 2014.

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