AS Kalev is the biggest and oldest confectionery company in Estonia which was founded by Lorenz Caviezel back in 1806. It all started from the Pikk street, old city of Tallinn where Mr. Caviezel opened Maiasmokk, the very first cafe in Estonia which made bakery and confectionery products and also handmade candies. The building was bought by Georg Stude in 1864 who opened there his confectionery business, offering among other things, exclusive handmade marzipan figurines and chocolate candies.

The production of AS Kalev is mainly sold at the Estonian market. Company owns also a retail chain of  6 chocolate shops. Main export markets are the Baltic States, Scandinavian countries and Russia.

Maiasmokk cafe has been recently renovated and hosts Kalev’s marzipan museum, where you can see the historical exhibition and how the marzipan masters work  : ))

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